Amsterdam Polo tournament



Amsterdams nieuwste campange voor de stad?

Maaaaaar ondanks dat wordt er wel nog steeds BIKEPOLO gespeeld!!!!!

Vandaar deze nieuwe campagne


this Sunday the 20th, it’s the Car Free Sunday here in Amsterdam. We’re organising a Bike Polo Tournament at Kwakersplein. (A little square off of Bilderdijkstraat in Oud-West)

The kids from Arnhem are coming to play and are bringing their court. So come out and play some polo. The more people that come out, the more teams we’ll have and the more fun it’ll be.

The tournament will start at 12:00 although we’ll be there earlier to set up the court and play around. So come earlier if you want to. We’re also printing up Team T-Shirts, so if you want one, come and play!


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