Who will host the 2010 EHBPC??????



Hello Fellow Poloistas-

With the Euro’s, North American’s, and the World’s all under our belt it’s time to get ready for 2010.

Who will host the 2010 EHBPC? I hear Barcelona is interested, have also heard from Berlin and Zurich. How about Manchester? Karlsruhe? What about our Italian brothers? Perhaps Geneva as the 2009 winners should host the 2010’s? It’s so amazing that we have so many communities all over Europe!

Who’s going to step up to put an actual bid together?

If you’re interested in hosting, we’ll support you! Any questions you have about bidding can be asked either on the forum or to myself (ask me anything!) or Matt (outreach, housing) , Iain (insurance, budget), or Mike (rules, formatting), cc’d here.

Whoever wins the bid will get a handover from the 2009 committee and we’ll always be on the other end of the phone.

To bid, get together with your community and decide what you have to offer and who’s going to stand up to offer it.

You can post your bid on the EHBPC forum here: http://www.ehbpc.org/forum/

Are you a European polo player? Then you can vote on where you think the 2010’s should be and who you think should host it. Register on the forum and get involved.

We, the 2009 hosts, will host a vote once the bids are in.

I am super excited to travel to the next Euro’s!

Let’s make it a great one!

Love & Polo,

Roxy Erickson
European Hard-court Bike Polo Championship
London 2009
m: +44 798.617.9977



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